Proactive for Cultural Heritage

Memooria’s team actively works to offer high quality services and to develop new and rich solutions for the conservation of artworks, ensuring their digital memory to future generations.


Memooria promotes the adoption of preventive conservation strategies of Cultural Heritage based on the principle of the minimum intervention through the proposition of integrated solution, aiming to the reduction of emergency restorations and the advocacy of research and study.

To reach this goal, Memooria relies on 2D and 3D digitisation, analysis and secure storage of digital images allowing the objective detection and measure of decay patterns in advance compared to human perception and visual system in order to respect digital preservation policies.



Gigapixel Photographer Color Correction Specialist

He graduates at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, where he develops the attitude toward studying images by means of color. Interested in the similarities among methodologies of painting and current imaging processes, he applies his knowledge in the field of high-definition photography and visual analysis of works of art.

Giovanni Borelli | co-founder & software architect

Giovanni Borelli

Software architect and IT project management expert, he takes care of the analysis, planning and implementation of complex IT systems via agile methodologies. He is co-founder of Memooria, in which manages the development and maintenance of the proprietary platform Jarvis.

Fabio Braviglieri

Fabio Braviglieri

Backend Developer

Graduated in Education Science and student in Computer Engineering, Fabio is part of Memooria team since 2018 as Junior Developer to contribute on the company's platform Jarvis.

Marco Giacobazzi

Marco Giacobazzi


Frontender, web and graphic designer with a long standing expertise as photographer. In Memooria, he deals with UX, UI and is operating arm of the company’s Research and Development.

Riccardo Marotti

Backend Developer

Riccardo wrote his first line of code when he was eight: since then, he never stopped. His attitude led him to explore several technologies, among which deep learning, aiming to be up-to-date within the field.

Vincenzo Melita

User Experience Designer

User Experience Designer di prodotti e servizi digitali, si occupa di definire strategia, processi e strumenti attraverso una metodologia fondata sulla co-progettazione e sulla architettura informativa.

Luca Ponzio

Luca Ponzio


Entrepreneur and manager with a sharp innovative view, he enters the field of Cultural Heritage promotion as co-founder of Haltadefinizione® in 2006 and Enjoymuseum in 2015, two companies that successfully combine his passions for art and technology. Luca is co-founder and CEO of Memooria.

Alberto Sanna | co-founder

Alberto Sanna

Innovation Manager

Graduated in Nuclear Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano, Alberto is director of the e-Services for Life and Health Research Centre at the S. Raffaele Institute in Milan. His passion for photography, art and his innovative view naturally blend with the company mission, of which he is co-founder.

Anna Umattino

Conservation Scientist

MST in Conservation and Restoration Chemistry, Anna uses her skills and knowledge to drive all digitization, monitoring, and study activities on cultural heritage objects. She is a R&D scientist and her competences include state of the art high definition digitalization.

OUR partners

Opificio delle pietre dure

The Opificio delle Pietre Dure is an autonomous branch of the Italian Ministry of Culture operating in the field of conservation and restoration of Cultural Heritage. Its educational and scientific research activities make the institute a benchmark at international level.


Haltadefinizione® is a pioneering firm operating in the field of digitisation of art masterpieces, among which the famous gigapixel reproduction of Leonardo’s Last Supper. The company boasts several technological innovations in the imaging and fine art reproductions.

Franco Cosimo Panini Editore

Founded in 1989, publishing house was born with the publication of prestigious volumes covering history and art themes, then developed two ambitious projects of the highest scientific and cultural value: the publication of facsimile editions of precious illuminated codes, and the birth of "Mirabilia Italiæ", the most complete and exhaustive series of volumes ever made on the main monuments of our country.

IC Innovazione culturale


Winner project of the second edition of IC Innovation Culture promoted by Fondazione Cariplo


project co-financed by the European fund for regional development Emilia-Romagna.

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